Larry McDonough
Jazz Pianist and Vocalist
Composer, Arranger, and Educator
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Angels, Kings, My Favorite Things
Larry McDonough Quartet

Solitude, poetry in jazz
Larry McDonough, Piano and Voice
Richard Terrill, Saxes and Poetry

Live at Minnesota Connection
The first Larry McDonough Quartet DVD

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Larry McDonough Quartet, “Simple Gifts” CD

Simple Gifts,” from the Larry McDonough
Quartet, charted #29 on the CMJ Jazz Chart,
published in CMJ's New Music Report
Magazine, Issue 1085, and is being played
on 100 stations around the country and
throughout the world.

Listen to the Radio/Net Interview on
Afternoon Jazz hosted by Jason M. Miller,
KVLU Beaumont, TX

On the radio.

Reviews are in.

“Larry McDonough’s long-awaited new recording serves up divergent
delights, from a reconstructed holiday chestnut to inside-out renditions of
jazz standards, from harmonically and rhythmically altered traditional melodies to a trio of original tunes. With a feathery touch that recalls Bill Evans but with more fingers and a unique approach to time that makes the most worn carol or standard a new adventure,  Simple Gifts proves to be anything but “simple”—but, for those fortunate enough to hear this music, it is indeed a gift.”
--Andrea Canter, Jazz Police

My Favorite Things: Odd Times for
Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra and
Concert Band,” a new CD compilation
of performances of McDonough’s
original pieces and arrangements
of jazz for high school jazz ensemble,
orchestra, and concert band.

“The Star Spangled Banner” from the
solo piano CD, “Tuscarora: Short
Stories for Jazz Piano,” is featured
in “The Magic Green School Bus,”
a new half-hour documentary portrait
of Paul Wellstone created by kids
at Lake Country Montessori School
in Minneapolis.  For more information,

"Tuscarora: Short Stories for
Jazz Piano" benefits Wellstone
Action and is dedicated to the
late Paul and Sheila Wellstone.

New compositions through the
Fingersteps Program to
assist persons with disabilities
in composing and performing

Have a Little Faith in Jazz

"Larry McDonough is an original much in the tradition of  Dave Brubeck, and McDonough's piano stylings are intimate and innovative." 
Lee Prosser, Jazz Review,

"He also exhibits echoes of McCoy Tyner ala My Favorite Things
when Tyner was working with JohnColtrane." 
T. Alexander, Pulse Of The Twin Cities.

"Wonderful, Herbie Hancock-Bill Evan-ish." 
Leigh Kamman, The Jazz Image, Minnesota Public Radio 91.1 FM,
St. Paul.

"Bill Evans meets Debussy....  Larry is the only pianist we know who takes bass solos on piano, often trading choruses back and forth between his right and left hands."

"Think piano music is boring? Then you haven't heard Larry McDonough's rendition of Layla,' or Linus and Lucy' from the Charlie Brown Christmas special." 
Christina Eberhard, Winona Daily News.

St. Paul jazz pianist, singer, arranger, and bandleader Larry McDonough
was a regular on the Twin Cities jazz scene in the late 1970s and early
1980s.  He then cut back on public performances to raise three young
daughters.  McDonough reentered the jazz scene in  the late 1990s,
first with the jazz fusion group Bozo Allegro, and then on his
own with his critically acclaimed solo piano CD, "Small Steps."

His second solo piano and voice CD, "Tuscarora: Short Stories for Jazz
Piano," is dedicated to the memory of Paul and Sheila Wellstone,
Marcia Wellstone Markuson, Mary McEvoy, Tom Lapic, and William McLaughlin, and benefits Wellstone Action, a tax-exempt organization formed to carry on their work. 

His ensemble recordings include “Live at the Dakota,” “Simple Gifts,” the 2012 DVD “Live at Minnesota Connection,” and the 2012 duo CD “Solitude, poetry in jazz.”

He also performs and records regularly with a host of Minnesota musicians, most recently the Nova Contemporary Jazz Orchestra and Guitarist Mike Solovich.

Reviewers have compared him to Dave Brubeck, John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Ian Underwood, Bill Evans, Chick Corea, John Fahey, Herbie Hancock, Patricia Barber, and Claude Debussy. 

McDonough also composes and arranges music for school music programs, ranging from chamber groups to concert bands and jazz ensembles, focusing on exposing young musicians to jazz harmonies and rhythms, and uncommon time signatures.

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