What Do Children With Disabilities,
Rachmaninoff, Bill Evans, Cole Porter,
The Gershwins, Irving Berlin,
Jeff Bridges, The Middle East,
The Star Spangled Banner,
Odd Meters, And Award-Winning
Minnesota Poetry Have In Common?

Solitude, a new duo CD of jazz and
poetry by pianist, composer,
and vocalist Larry McDonough
and sax player and poet
Richard Terrill.

Solitude includes unique interpretations of odd-metered originals based on melody fragments by children with disabilities, including McDonough's  daughter Rosie; original poems by Minnesota Book Award winner and sax player Richard Terrill over variations on Rachmaninoff and Bill Evans; music from cinema; Broadway standards; international rhythms; and historical pieces.

CD Release Parties:
Thu. Oct. 4, 9:00 pm, Artist’s Quarter, 408 St Peter Street, St. Paul,$5 cover
Fri. Oct. 5, 5:00 - 7:30  pm, The Wine Café, 301 North Riverfront Drive, Mankato

Andrea Canter of JazzInk
writes of Solitude:
“In their decade-plus of musical
collaboration, Larry McDonough
and Richard Terrill have developed
an artful empathy, played out in
the gigs and recordings of the
Larry McDonough Quartet and
other ensembles.

Pianist/vocalist/composer McDonough
has generally assumed a leading role
in these projects, with poet/saxophonist
Terrill serving as a counterweight and
harmonic partner. Solitude is their first
project as an unadorned duo, the music
stripped to its essence without external
pulsetter and drive train. In such a spare
sonic wonderland, the duo reconsider
some past delights, mine gold in new
arrangements and revel in new
compositions. For Richard, music is poetry
transformed in sound and rhythm;
for Larry, melody is an auspicious
starting point, time an endless playground.
Together, theirs is a “solitude” that evolves
when two minds become one heart.”

Solitude was recorded, mixed and mastered
by Matthew Zimmerman, Wild Sound,
Minneapolis, MN,

CD Release Posters
AQ October 5, 2012
Wine Café October 6, 2012


Sound Clips
1. Sirocco
2. Some Other Time, and
    Bill Evans
3. Solitude
4. Jack’s Theme
5. Night and Day
6. Coming Late to
7. Someone to Watch
    Over Me
8. God Bless America
9. Waltz for Christian
10. A Rose for Two
11. Star Spangled Banner

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