Live on KUMD:
Best of Brewhouse Volume III (KUMD 2003)
"All Blues" from "Tuscarora: Short Stories for Jazz Piano" was reissued on the compilation and sampler CD, which benefits KUMD FM Radio 103.3 FM, Duluth.  Contact John Ziegler at KUMD

Notes from John Ziegler:

"A Contemplative solo jazz pianist remembering Mile Davis.

Larry McDonough:  A very talented pianist (with some original and inventive musical ideas and concepts), a lawyer working for low-income tenants, and a father of three ....  Larry's a well-rounded and very gracious gentleman.  Thought he can play in seemingly any group context, his solo work shines on this Miles Davis tune.  Check out the two-handed soloing, back and forth without missing a beat ... plus a sly Monk quote."

"All Blues" Soundclip


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