By Larry McDonough
Published in part in:

"Wellstone: A Uniquely Common Man," Pulse, Oct. 30, 2002,

"Wellstone Fostered Reciprocal Relationships," The Minnesota Daily, Oct. 30, 2002,

"Reflecting Back on Wellstone," Midway Como Monitor, Nov. 2002.

University of St.  Thomas Aquin, Nov. 8, 2002,

"Reflection on Senator Paul Wellstone," University of St. Thomas School of Law TommieLaw Student News, Nov. 11, 2002, PDF file available.

"Reflecting Back on Wellstone," Longfellow Nokomis Messenger, Nov. 2002.

"A personal tribute to Paul and Sheila Wellstone," People's Weekly World Newspaper, Nov 23, 2002,

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